Monthly Archives: March 2016

Disciple of Semantics and Linked Data

A little over two years ago I got to hear about, and had my curiosity piqued by a project being undertaken at the University of Sapienza in Rome. I was definitely interested and excited by the project goal. And so I started my journey of discovery and belief in the power of relationships between data items in the Internet of Things. As someone who frequents the commercial world it can be hard to convince colleagues as to the potential of ambitious ideas. But I was determined.

Two years ago this month I met Roberto Navigli in Athens and learnt about BabelNet. At that time, as I recall, he and his team were starting work on Babelfy. Listening to Roberto explain his vision had me hooked and since that time I’ve been a fan.

Then in September of 2014 I attended the MLODE Hackathon in Leipzig. During that event I got the chance to play with the BabelNet API and get a hands-on feel for what was possible using the resource. This event cemented a number of concepts for me and fuelled my imagination and enthusiasm such that soon afterwards I became a partner in the FREME Project. I would say my status at this point was devotee of semantics and linked data.

Today I returned from Luxembourg where I attended the BabelNet Workshop. This was one of the most interesting, stimulating and well run (wifi problems apart) events I have ever attended. The presentations were interesting, logically arranged, clear, had great support materials and follow-along exercises. Roberto himself is a pleasure to listen to. Varied examples that illustrate his points flow like water from his mind.

And so my pilgrimage to disciple of semantics and multilingual linked data is complete. I have renewed energy and desire to utilize, and contribute to, what is, in my opinion one of the most fascinating resources for people working in the fields of linguistics, computer science and computational linguistics in the world.

As one of my engineers puts the finishing touches to a beta Ocelot plug-in which performs semantic enrichment of content as it is being translated I have been able to secure sufficient commercial backing to hire a computer science intern with knowledge and qualifications in linked data and semantic concepts.