Monthly Archives: June 2016

Enterprise Localization Bus

On June 8 I attended the Dublin FEISGILTT [1] 2016 session entitled “Enterprise Localization Bus on the way to Global Customers”. Loïc Dufresne de Virel (Intel), Kevin O’Donnell (Microsoft) and Jan Bareš (Moravia) presented architecture diagrams showing their approaches to integrating the many distributed software applications which need to communicate to form an efficient platform for delivering localized product and content.

Below is a snapshot of our current infrastructure. It combines subsystems which are commercially licensed, internally built, and subscribed to. They are distributed across on-premise servers and cloud infrastructure; some are directly connected, whilst others are loosely coupled; and they are built using both Java Spring and .NET frameworks.

Localization Bus

The platform is continually evolving and there are many things we still want to do. I am very interested in sharing knowledge about this topic – perhaps even forming a community. During the evolution of our work we have come up against challenges such as queue naming, component naming, state management, versioning and route configuration.

Localization: it’s just translating words… :-/

[1] Federated Event for Interoperability Standardization in Globalization, Internationalization, Localization, and Translation Technologies.