Monthly Archives: November 2016

Succession and Invention

Congratulations to Melanie Howes who was appointed to Vistatec’s DevOps Manager on 21st November and for her sins took over the day to day management of our Applied Technology Group. This is another significant step in Vistatec’s on-going reorganization aimed at enabling further stable growth, continued operational excellence and faster execution of strategic initiatives.

Having handed over operational responsibility for the highly successful group that I have grown over the last few years I would like to assert that the rumours of me being put out to stud or dispatched to the knackers yard are unfounded. You can take it on authority that I’ll be dedicating the additional bandwidth to increasing the velocity with which we operationalize more of our skunk works projects. Those of you that know me will already know the areas that I’m actively researching and evaluating but I also hope to keep a few surprises up my sleeve.

Next week I will continue my evangelism of Deep Content. This week I spent a couple of days in Bonn presenting on one of the services that underpins Deep Content: an internationalization round-tripping service which enables HTML5 to be machine translated and semantically enriched in-place without any special preparation.

Deep Content: The Value Proposition

In May of this year Google announced Rich Cards: a mechanism whereby their search engine mines structured information within web pages and from that harvested data, builds, renders and prominently displays a visually distinctive panel or card at the top of its search results list.

It is obviously very desirable for manufactures, marketers and publishers to have the items they are promoting placed in front of consumers in such a distinguishing manner. A barrier to this for many companies is the necessity for the product information or article being promoted to be structured and annotated in accordance with the comprehension of the Rich Card bot.

Vistatec’s Deep Content is designed to facilitate the creation of multilingual Rich Card-ready content with little or no human intervention! Deep Content can:

  • automatically annotate content articles containing product names or terms with the required Rich Card annotations;
  • be customized for a particular organization;
  • search future-proof your content.

Ocelot 2.2 Released

Ocelot 2.2 is now available for download. This release focuses on improving the editing experience generally with support for drag-and-drop and also in relation to inline tags: there is now a small context menu which helps replace deleted inline tags. Gratitude and kudos to Aaron Madlon-Kay who did a great job on these enhancements.