Monthly Archives: December 2016


I get a lot of¬†satisfaction from joining new groups and communities. It is an explicit signal of a group’s desire to progress in some way and achieve something. I like that and being a founding member carries some kudos. I have been a founding participant of the Centre for Next Generation Localization (CNGL), now the ADAPT Centre; the Best Practices for Multilingual Linked Open Data Community; and the RDF and XML Interoperability Community.

I am happy that circumstances meant that yesterday I was able to help launch the Think Global Forum Technology Event in San Francisco. When events like these can bring together executives from the likes of NetApp, VMware, LinkedIn and GoPro the result is always direct, honest and collaborative.

I admit to shamelessly taking the opportunity introduce attendees to Deep Content, a project that myself and some of my team have spent the last 18 months on. I believe that Deep Content is a key enabler of some of the more ambitious goals of Content 4.0.

I wish the forum every success and hope to contribute disruptive ideas in coming meetings.