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2014 Ramp Up

The beginning of 2014 has been a hive of activity: San Francisco, Boston, Luxembourg, team re-structure, and new research interests.

Until now a hectic travel schedule has meant generally more input (reading reports, e-learning videos, and thinking through ideas) than physical output. However, with the increasing prevalence of in-flight wifi and Google QuickOffice for iPad, I have been able to work more in real-time despite being on the move.

With the extended travel and inevitably longer periods of being sat on my backside, I wanted to get sorted with a Sit Stand Desk. This is actually quite difficult if you want to avoid spending several hundred Euro and not have to get Allen Keys and screwdrivers out. My solution is this:

Budget Sit Stand Table

Seriously, I’m delighted with it. It is portable, easily stored, is stable, spacious (450 x 1,350mm) and fully adjustable between 610-1,020mm. Total cost including purchase, transport and installation: €130.

One benefit of travel is of course meeting friends and business associates. San Francisco was the chance to socialize with our friends and development partners, Spartan Software.

Spartan Dinner

Kevin Lew, Yan Yu, Scott Schwalbach, Chase Tingley, Paul Magee, Chris Pimlott, Me.

Luxembourg was an opportunity: meeting many of the Multilingual Web LT Working Group. I hope to have an opportunity to work with these people in the future.


Pedro Díez Orzas, Milan Karasek, Me, Stephan Walter, Jirka Kosek, Felix Sasaki, Dave Lewis, David Filip, Tadej Stajner.

Code Warriors Show Agility and Community Enthusiasm

On the 27th we finished work on release 1.0 of Reviewer’s Workbench. RW is a desktop application that aims to bring new levels of productivity to the activities of post-editing, translation and linguistic review/quality assurance by utilising some recently available technologies and standards. I will write further about RW in another posting. The subject of this post is the team behind RW.

RW is the third development project that we have realised with the help of Spartan Software Inc.

Our first engagement with Spartan was in November 2012. The project was full of risks:

  • Project required use of a new proprietary API,
  • The deadline for completion (including testing, integration and deployment) was one month,
  • It required a skill set relatively new to the development team.

Result: a resounding success! The application has been running as an almost continuous scheduled process ever since without any patches. How did we achieve this:

  • We started with a minimal functional specification which focused on requirement context, user story and outline feature set,
  • We ran development on a weekly sprint with a “stand up” call every other day,
  • We hired the right development team. Spartan are just exceptional developers. I have always believed that if you give good engineers an outline requirement and the freedom to technically specify and code the solution, you will get more than you wanted. These guys absolutely turned that belief to fact.

It has been a pleasure working with Kevin Lew and Chase Tingley over the last 7 months. The pinnacle of that working relationship was today when we announced the contribution of a significant amount of code to the Okapi open-source project.

I cannot wait until we recommence work on our RW release 1.1 product backlog.